Track and resolve customer queries through smooth and flawless customer interactions.


Track and resolve customer queries through smooth and flawless customer interactions.

Impeccable Channel Integration

The peppy desk allows customers to interact via mobile or web platforms. Ensures transparency in communication. Customers can place their queries easily through their choice of medium.

Versatile Request Forms

Ticket forms allow you to generate multi-support request forms. Provide feasibility to the agents to know about the customer’s support requirements. They allow the agents to collect customer’s information through specific fields.

Supplementary Custom Fields

Collect all the necessary customer’s information through other custom fields. The information is accessible to both the customer and the agents. It ensures an easy resolution for further customer interaction.

Authorized SLA Views

Avoid the violation issues through authorized Service Level Agreement. SLA views allow the agents to view the SLA status. Track and analyze, if the customer has violated any of your set standards.

Multilingual Admin Interface

The multilingual admin Interface allows your agents to function in their specific language. The feature allows greater flow of communication without the language barrier.

Multi Brand Support

Peppy desk supports various brands, products, and services. Manage and Integrate the data within one account.


Faster and effective case management for the agents.

Constant Guide and Support

Fasten up the process of query resolution for the agents. The authenticated tools allow the agents to work through tickets at a faster rate. Ensure higher agent productivity and greater customer satisfaction.

Organized Ticket Workflow

Get an organized ticket-workflow by allocating the right ticket to the right agent. Ensure the faster ticket resolution through the automated and trigger-based system. Customize the automation according to your preferences.

Detailed Customer History

Enables agents to respond faster to customer’s queries. Effective tools allow agents to know the customer’s previous interaction and details. Customer history allows an agent to resolve the query.

Dynamic Communication

Multilingual support translation allows the agents to communicate with the customers in their language. Reduces the agent’s task to translate the ticket content.

Agile Collaboration Tools

Collaboration tools give the agent an opportunity to collaborate with other teams. Together they can solve the user’s query by communicating via different mediums.


Adjustable and adaptable to your team’s needs

Workflow Configuration

Use peppy desk support to configure strenuous workflows. Adjustable according to your preferences.

Design Customization

Peppy desk support allows you to create intricate design customization. Manage all your tickets and data by building immaculate integrations.

Macros Personalization

View ticket information by generating personalized ticket views, based on ticket status. Handle tickets by creating personalized macros.


Productive Apps and Integration

The peppy desk has various productive apps and integrations. The app performs effective functions like tracking time and managing software projects.

Personalize Apps and Integrations

Create your own app or integration to add productivity to the business. Generate your own ticket workflows as per your needs.

Create Contextual Workspace

Create Contextual Workspace for a particular ticket. View the ticket form and macros, related to a ticket in the workspace. It permits you to choose the apps for expansion and collision.


Use analytical tools to check and improvise customer service.

Customer’s Perceptions

Know your customer’s perception through CSAT ratings. It will let you know how happy your customers are. Get rating insights in the form of replies.

Forecast Customer’s Assumption

Know how satisfied your customers are with your support. Machine learning helps in predicting customer satisfaction. It allows your agents to engage in customer conversations with much more clarity.

Collect Customer Feedback

Evaluate customer’s perceptions through the net promoter survey. It permits you to gather customer’s information. Know your drawbacks and achievements through customer’s reactions.


Get insights about your performance through performance indicators. Know about the agent’s performance and clear insights about ticket volume.

Agent Performance Evaluation

Get insights about your performance through performance indicators. Know about the agent’s performance and clear insights about ticket volume.

Team Workflow Upgradation

Perceive your customers through custom reports. Upgrade your team’s workflows by evaluating efficiency in your activities and operations.